Homelessness Croatian and Swiss

Homelessness in Croatian and Swiss Cities

Is homelessness in Switzerland similar to homelessness in Croatia? And can a comparative study help developing an European social policy?

Our qualitative ethnographic study seeks to break new ground in social research on homelessness by delivering a better understanding of the dimensions and impact of exclusion on people who are homeless in cities of Switzerland and Croatia. This comparative approach is of relevance because homelessness as a social phenomenon and as a manifestation of poverty takes different forms depending on economic, political, legislative and social factors in a given social system and context. For this reason, inclusive strategies need to be developed in a contextually-sensitive framework and based on scientific knowledge and reflection. Concepts of social inclusion and exclusion are closely related and social exclusion and inclusion can be seen as two ends of a single dimension wherein homelessness has been identified as the most extreme manifestation of social exclusion.

In cooperation with social science research institute Ivo Pilar Zagreb, Dr. Lynette Šikic-Micanovic.

Finanziert durch: Croatian-Swiss Research Programme, Schweizerischer Nationalfonds

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Matthias Drilling

Laufzeit: 2019 – 2022